Gramercy Post Seeking Post-Production Audio Engineer!

Gramercy Post is looking for a full time post-production audio engineer in NYC!

They’re a boutique audio post-production facility; a small team that gets lots done. They work on a variety of media: long-form television, commercial work, movie trailers, films, and whatever else people want to make sound better.

This engineer will ultimately be responsible for dialogue edits, sound design, and mix passes for all of these types of media; running recording and mixing sessions with clients in the room; and contributing to general studio maintenance and improvement. They will also be responsible for being awesome.

This is a full-time position with business hours from 10am-6 or 7pm every day. Occasional earlier starts or later ends will happen. It’s a client-facing position so requires someone to be local. Generous benefits available including health insurance, 401(k) match, and paid vacation time each year.

They’re casting a fairly wide net with this search, prioritizing finding the right person over the exact background or right amount of experience. They’re willing to invest in training someone more junior or paying someone more senior.

The non-negotiables:
• commitment. They’re looking for someone who’s got the long-term in mind. While their net is cast wide, they do need someone who’s intimately familiar with Pro Tools, committed to audio post as their career, and looking to stay awhile.
• flexibility. Because of the mix of types of work they do, sometimes (oftentimes…) plans change in a day (in an hour… in five minutes…) and they have to roll with it. They find some people love operating this way and others find it a giant nuisance. They’re looking for someone who loves it. 🙂
• willingness to work their way. They have a pretty specific workflow that allows them to collaborate most efficiently to get the job done, and need someone who’s willing (nay, happy!) to integrate into it.
• growth mindset & openness to feedback. If you don’t actively plan to be a better engineer a year from now (or six months from now… or six days from now…) then this won’t be the right job for you. Their process also involves a lot of feedback in order to ensure everyone is working at the highest standard possible and consistently with the company workflow & aesthetic, so a comfort with and appreciation for this input is necessary.
• helping hand. They’re a small company, which inherently means they all wear a lot of hats. They’re all happy to jump in wherever they can be helpful, regardless of ‘status.’ Sometimes it’s the intern bringing coffee into a session for clients, other times it’s the owner.

The hopes & dreams:
• audio tech-savvy.
• computer tech-savvy.
• nominal familiarity with html or computer programming languages.
• background in long-form television.
• experience working in a studio.

Getting this hire right is VERY important to them, so it will be a multi-step process that will likely take at least a month from start to finish.

Check out their work and a bit more about them at To apply, send them a résumé, your website or portfolio of work (if available), and a brief (no more than 300 words) letter outlining your background and what you’re hoping for in your next position. Please note that they will read and review ALL applications, but will only be able to respond to those they think are potentially a good fit for the position.


Apply here!