WAM Everywhere Live Classes

WAM Everywhere Live Classes provide essential audio and technology training online to keep our community connected, supported, and learning during this time of crisis and beyond. Join us for online, interactive classes, workshops, discussions, and panels.


Upcoming Classes:

5/29 @ 11am PDT – WAM Office Hours – Free RSVP here

6/3 @ 11am PDT – How to Record Vocals – Free RSVP here

6/5 @ 11am PDT – WAM Office Hours – Free RSVP here

6/10 @ 11am PDT – Exploring Audio Careers – Free RSVP here

6/12 @ 11am PDT – WAM Office Hours w/ DJ Demo – Free RSVP here

6/17 @ 11am PDT – Exploring Audio Careers – Free RSVP here

6/19 @ 11am PDT – WAM Office Hours

6/24 @ 11am PDT – Intro to Beatmaking – Free RSVP here

6/26 @ 11am PDT – WAM Office Hours

Women’s Audio Mission focuses on increasing the gender balance in audio production and technology sectors since less than 5% of the population employed in these sectors are women and gender non-conforming individuals. There are limited spots available in our events and they often sell out, so we ask that if you are not woman-identified (transgender or cisgender), non-binary or gender non-conforming, that you reconsider registering. We will not turn anyone away, but please be mindful that if you take up a seat, that is one less woman or non binary-identified individual that we can serve. We thank you for your understanding in advance and for joining us in our mission to advance women and girls in music production and the recording arts!

Past Session Recordings:

Home Studio 101

Intro to Digital DJing

Breaking into the Audio Industry

Intro to Synths

Fireside Chat with Linda Perry

Pro Tools for Absolute Beginners

Exploring Audio Careers w/ Sweetwater & iZotope

Exploring Audio Careers w/ Shure, Dolby, & Universal Audio


Past events:

3/27 – WAM Community Virtual Hang

3/31 – Intro to Vinyl DJing

4/1 – Home Studio 101

4/3 – WAM Office Hours

4/7 – Intro to Digital DJing

4/10 – WAM Office Hours

4/15 – Breaking into the Audio Industry

4/17 – WAM Office Hours

4/22 – Intro to Synths

4/25 – WAM Office Hours

4/29 – Fireside Chat with GRAMMY-nominated songwriter Linda Perry

5/1 – WAM Office Hours

5/6 – Pro Tools for Absolute Beginners

5/8 – WAM Office Hours

5/13 – Exploring Audio Careers with Sweetwater & iZotope

5/15 – WAM Office Hours

5/20 – Exploring Audio Careers with Dolby, Shure, & Universal Audio

5/22 – WAM Office Hours w/ Sampling Demo

5/26 – Fireside Chat with GRAMMY-nominated songwriter/producer Jenn Decilveo



Early Praise for #WAMeverywhere from Participants:

  • “Because we are all stuck at home and these classes enable us to continue making art and connecting with each other. Actually I like the format so much that I think WAM should offer virtual classes even when we are out of quarantine. I learned so much today. This is so great!”
  • “Massive silver lining to being stuck at home = building these skill sets and pushing these passions forward.”
  • “I am an Audio Production student and my professors are struggling (working so hard) to get us access to the information and the materials we need to be learning so any additional time and learning that can be provided while we’re stuck at home is so so appreciated. Keeping in touch with this community is so vital, but especially now.”
  • “Women need the supportive atmosphere you are offering in addition to the information in order to have the confidence to move forward.”
  • “It’s important for us to keep learning from each other, even though we can’t physically be together.”
  • “Because of the pandemic and most people needing to stay home, these online classes are extremely valuable!”