Video Game Sound Designer, Onward Search- Atlanta, GA


Onward Search is hiring a Sound Designer on a direct-hire basis for a client in North Atlanta.


  • Create and implement audio assets for various key assets at a high quality
  • Coordinate with game and design teams to solve problems and create amazing audio
  • Work with UE4 to implement and test audio assets. This includes: Blueprint, animation systems, Sequencer, data tables, and in level editor work
  • Work with UE3 to implement and test audio assets. This includes: Kismet, Matinee, animation systems, data tables, and in level editor work
  • Evaluate audio mix and implementation of audio assets in-game and adjust according to needs
  • Help with linear trailer or promo video sound edit and mix
  • Manage and prioritize assigned tasks, with a focus on achieving goals on schedule
  • Use of field recording and broad library knowledge in sound design
  • Manage multiple complex tasks
  • Asset export and implementation into UE4 and UE3
  • Test and verify your work on target hardware
  • Ability to monitor and maintain performance of sound system on all platforms



  • Links to portfolio (required)
  • Resume (required)
  • Experience designing, editing, mixing, mastering and implementing content for interactive and linear media
  • Firm grasp of audio engineering fundamentals for studio and field recording
  • Experience with UE3 and UE4, including scripting, level editor, animation and linear editors
  • Experience with Pro Tools DAW and modern sound processing techniques
  • Experience with Audio Kinetic Wwise and implementing audio assets into game build
  • Ability to design and implement audio scripting to achieve desired in-game audio features and dynamic playback
  • Experience of minimum 3 years as part of an audio team and having shipped at least two titles
  • Strong self-management, organizational and problem-solving skills, ability to work independently while having a great team player attitude
  • Strong drive to improve/increase skill sets in audio design and implementation
  • A positive, solution-oriented and independent approach to work
  • Passion for video games