Senior Sound Designer, Amazon – Santa Monica, CA


The Amazon Music Creative team is seeking a talented, passionate expert Sound Designer to help us take our audio content to the next level. The successful Sound Designer will deliver on the creation of sound standards and audio style guides for Amazon Music’s ever evolving set of content. The role will also focus on production of original content, audio ads, audio tests, bumpers, and VO. They will require strong editorial skills when creating original content. They will be expected to collaborate closely with in-house/out-of-house producers/production teams, who will rely on their ear/editorial sense to help shape/create an impactful, unique and unforgettable listening experience for our customers. The sound designer will perform a variety of other more technical production duties including, but not limited to, designing and engineering in studio, live audio, and field recording.

The Sound Designer will be collaborating and working on content across the Marketing, Social, Programming, Editorial, and product teams. The role will cover everything from audio engineering, to sonic branding, to storytelling and creative development.
The candidate must have a solid background and demonstrated proficiency in the technical aspects of manipulating digital audio as well as a complete understanding recording and non-linear editing; all skills which are required to perform the various intricacies of long form and short form digital editing, QA, mastering, mixing, scoring, and sound design.

The Following Are Key Responsibilities Of The Sound Designer

  • Working with in-house/out-of-house team members/stakeholders to fulfill production needs and goals, constantly evolving and improving our approach
  • Editorial support/guidance on all aspects of a production, such as sound design, scoring, and creation of impactful storytelling through audio
  • Manage production processes as designated point person
  • Technical/Non-technical duties related to production of audio content
  • Mastering/Mixing/Scoring/Sound Designing audio and creating industry standard, retail-ready final products with good levels and clean sound
  • QA (Quality Assurance) checking of vendor-partner produced content
  • Assisting and communicating with narrators, producers, and other 3rd party partners
  • Advocacy and Outreach – work with others responsible for the use of audio content across Amazon and beyond the company –XCM, ADX, Alexa Personality, Amazon Video, Audible, and others — to share best practices and encourage the breakthrough use of sonic personality across Amazon.

Basic Qualifications

  • 6-10+ years experience as a Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Audio Producer, or similar role.
  • Experience leading audio production for a high volume of conceptual and production work
  • Passion for creating scalable processes that elevate the strategic impact of audio content
  • Excellent project management, communication and organizational skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with scaling content in a globally distributed organization
  • Passion for storytelling, user experience, creative direction, and editorial design
  • Expertise developing innovative or experimental audio experiences
  • Experience in VUI
  • Expertise in high level sonic branding initiatives
  • Masters Degree in Audio Technology/engineering, Journalism, Communications, or related field, or equivalent expert level experience
  • Deep passion for and experience with music and writing for the music business