Podcast Producer, iHeartMedia- Atlanta , GA

Job Summary:

Works within a production team vertical, with responsibilities delegated by that team’s Executive Producer(s) and Supervising Producer(s).


Key Responsibilities:

  • Generate original ideas and share with hosts and senior leaders on the podcast team
  • Coordinate and assist with scheduling guests for hosts
  • Ability to work with top-flight talent and marquee celebrities
  • Produce content from internal and external sources
  • Assist the podcast host with recording of voiced commercial campaigns
  • Edit, insert talent-voiced commercials and upload on-demand/podcasts
  • Create and produce promos for multiple podcast episodes
  • Upload audio
  • Ability to tailor, adapt and edit content for podcast/social media
  • Records, edits and contributes to development of content for podcasts
  • Possesses recording expertise in both studio and field environments
  • Collaborates with hosts and other vertical teams to achieve the highest standard of assets and deliverables for the company


  • Minimum Associate Degree or equivalent work experience
  • Two years podcasting or audio production experience
  • Skills in Adobe Audition
  • Experience with posting audio, text and graphics to website
  • Strong organization skills and ability to multi-task
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Tolerance for stress and tight timelines, including ability to work under pressure