Interaction Sound Designer, Mackin Talent- Menlo Park, CA


We are  looking for an experienced Interaction Sound Designer.  Candidates must have a history of creating iconic sonic user experiences.  The role combines functional sound design thinking and execution with a proven ability to break new ground, particularly in new mediums.

Candidates must have a core understanding of Interaction Sound design, how it impacts people and their experiences, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of sonic experiences. You will be involved in all aspects of the sound design process, from concept to iteration and refinement, to preparing and implementing assets, to testing performance and approving designs for public release.

Candidates must be able to work autonomously as well as collaborate closely with team members and product groups while leading complex projects, across multiple platforms and mediums, through to completion. Strong communication skills are essential to this creative role.

  • Create unique, memorable, and landmark sound designs for our over two billion users.
  • Use your proven understanding of interaction sound design to define and distill broad concepts into actionable tasks and points of interest.
  •  Lead sound design projects from concept to implementation to completion.
  • Act as a source of truth for all things sound including design, design standards, best practices and implementation guidelines.
  • Execute in a fast-paced and highly fluid environment.
  • Collaborate independently with on-campus, domestic, and international team members and product groups.


  • 3+ years creating sonic experiences for products in mobile, hardware, and non-traditional or immersive environments.
  • Experience in sound synthesis and how to create sounds from oscillators.
  • Experience with Pro Tools and other digital audio workstations.
  • Knowledge of Interaction Sound Design and its effects on people