Girls on the Mic 2017 Summer Intensive Programs with Aim High, Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, and more!

Girls on the Mic 2017 Summer Intensives are about to get started! This year, we’re excited to announce 3 summer intensive programs:

Aim High/Children’s Day School: We are partnering with Aim High for the 6th year, bringing free Girls on the Mic training 2 days a week to Aim High students. Students learn how to use music/media technology to create podcasts, sound for film projects, creative coding projects, music recording projects, and more.

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp: Girls on the Mic teams up with Bay Area Girls Rock Camp students who are learning how to write music and perform in bands to teach them how to record themselves, record music/audio, sound for film, music production, live sound, and more!

Girls on the Mic Advanced Intensive Summer Program: Advanced alumni from the Girls on the Mic program are attending an intensive program once a week throughout the summer, receiving mentorship from senior staff engineers and learning more advanced techniques in digital audio recording, music/media production, and creative technology, and working on individual creative technology projects.