Game Sound Designer, Bungie – Bellevue, Washington


A bolt of lightning is less impressive without a clap of thunder. A flash is lost without a bang. As a Sound Designer, you complete the equation that marries visual to audio. Bungie needs an audio artist to add sound to our fury. This is a unique opportunity to join an audio team that has revolutionized the way sound effects and music are merged into the visceral experience of playing a game.


  • Create audio assets ranging from sound effects to dialog to foley
  • Effectively manage and implement audio assets of all types
  • Collaborate with the audio team to ensure consistency of Destiny audio and vision
  • Communicate effectively with artists and designers about the audio needs of various areas of the game
  • Participate in determining technical and artistic approaches in developing new or enhanced tool

Required Skills

  • Professional experience creating sound for games and/or multimedia
  • Experience implementing game audio via Audiokinetic WWise
  • Understanding of game audio aesthetics, implementation methods, and mix techniques
  • Proficiency with modern computer-based audio production tools such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Reaper, and Sound Forge
  • An understanding of traditional studio engineering, audio post production, and location recording techniques
  • Effective communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to thrive in a high paced work environment