Duotone Audio Group Looking for Full Time Audio Assistant in NYC

duotone audio group is seeking an full time entry level Audio Assistant, to help with day to day audio engineering, editing, mixing, file management, client services, and clerical duties. This position is based in NYC and reports to the Senior Producer/Head of Technology and Engineering.


Duotone is an award winning music and sound company, with a 20 year legacy. They produce original music and sound design for commercials, branded content, film, and TV. In addition to their three music production suites, they also have two state of the art audio post-production studios for broadcast media, including mixing, AVO recording, sound repair, sound design and more. They are a tight knit company with a home base in New York City, and additional satellite studios in LA and Nashville. You can view our work at duotoneaudio.com.

Job Responsibilities
As the Audio Assistant, your main job will be to assist and facilitate music and sound production at duotone audio group, as well as help maintain the facilities on a technical as well as client services level. On a daily basis they are creating original music, sound
design, and mixes for a wide variety of media content, from commercials to online branded content, and more.

Some examples of what you might be doing:
• Editing and laying back music to video, making sure that sync is maintained, and that basic levels of music, voiceover, and SFX are balanced so that clients can receive and review postings with ease.
• Creating postings for clients.
• Searching their extensive music library for tracks that might be relevant to any and all projects, and creating edits of those for picture.
• Searching the wide world of music for reference tracks or licensable pieces for spots and films.
• Helping with and running recording sessions with musicians and singers that come in regularly to record in their studios.
• Helping the head of tech maintain and update machines, samples, servers, and network infrastructure as well as machines for administrative and support staff.
• Helping to maintain the facilities in a presentable way, and assisting visiting clients and the client services staff.

In addition this job could grow to include original composition and sound design. However this is not a posting for a staff composer or sound designer at present.

The right candidate will be a self starter with a strong technical background, musically inclined, heavy interest in sound for visual media. They are looking for someone who takes initiative and is willing to make mistakes to learn. Someone who asks for help when needed, who can learn new concepts and technology quickly, and use those skills to improve the performance of the studio.

• Proficient in Logic with a good understanding of ProTools.
• Music editorial experience.
• A basic understanding of sound for picture concepts such as SMPTE time code, 2-pops, and frame rates.
• Experience in a studio with basic recording techniques.
• An understanding of professional sample and plugin based music production.
• Be familiar with and able to troubleshoot Apple computers.
• Personable and client friendly
• Flexible… This job is rewarding but it occasionally requires late night and weekend work.

• An IT background, especially with server maintenance, network system administration, and IP phones.
• A familiarity with broadcast audio standards like EBU, ITU, and CALM, and the tools used to comply with them.
• A familiarity with Source Connect.

Please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your experience and interest in this position to gio@duotoneaudio.com