Computer Science Teachers, SMASH Stanford [Part-Time, Temporary]- Stanford, CA


Reporting to the Lead Instructor, the Instructor will play an integral role in delivering and sustaining the transformative educational experience that SMASH Scholars need to pursue, persist, and succeed in STEM. SMASH Instructors will work on a select SMASH campus with an instructional team of instructors selected to teach core and elective courses to rising 10th through 12th grade students (Instructor: Student ratio averages 1:20). The SMASH curriculum is comprised of core courses centered around project-based learning. Site-specific elective courses include Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, and Topics in Current Science Research, among others.

Teaching at SMASH Academy is about professional growth, personal commitment, and the tenacity to challenge the pedagogical status quo. SMASH Academy offers a unique environment for scholars and staff alike to focus on their interests in STEM education and explore cutting-edge practices. SMASH is seeking to hire individuals who will contribute to our larger aim of developing our scholars to be STEM practitioners who are civically aware and social justice oriented, equipped to employ their STEM knowledge and skills for the betterment of their local, national, and global communities.

This is approximately a six week assignment, with one week of full-time training before SMASH and a part-time engagement through the duration of SMASH Academy (5 weeks). Although the majority of the position will function as described below, some aspects are subject to change due to evolving program needs.

Course Description:

The SMASH computer science program is a project-based curriculum which also emphasizes design thinking. Universal themes throughout our CS sequence include problem solving, computer architecture, standard data structures and algorithms, UI / UX design, sociological issues, and the history and culture of computing. Additionally, scholars are introduced to languages and skills that are in high demand in today’s (and tomorrow’s) engineering industry. Ultimately, scholars will create and maintain a project portfolio to use in obtaining scholarships, internships, and employment.

  • Computer Science 1: “Design for Social Good” – Scholars will create websites (HTML/CSS, a taste of Javascript) and apply their web development skills toward the creation of a public health awareness campaign, which will serve as their final, cross-disciplinary project.
  • Computer Science 2: “Interactive Data Visualizations” – Scholars will analyze data and produce appropriate visual representations using HTML, CSS, and p5.js (hosted on GitHub) around essential info regarding the environmental and social impact of a proposed manufacturing plant near their home.
  • Computer Science 3: “Web-Based Simulations” – Scholars will create an interactive web-based simulation of a physics concept related to energy-efficiency. The simulation will be programmed in p5.js and hosed on GitHub.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to those listed below.

Essential Duties:

  • Attend Instructor Training (see link above for specific training dates)
  • Facilitate Classroom Instruction
    • Implement SMASH Curriculum with Fidelity
    • Two 1.5 hrs sessions per day (3hrs/day) 5 days/week (includes out of classroom experiential activities)
    • Preparation, planning, grading and updating gradebook
  • Maintain Attendance
  • Address Scholar Issues through a Restorative Practices Approach
  • Attend Weekly Staff Meetings
  • Attend 1:1 Meetings with Lead Instructor (as needed)
  • Attend Weekly Site Community Meetings
  • Attend Final Recognition + Exhibition Event (last Saturday of program)
  • Attend Staff Debrief post-SMASH Academy
  • Ensure Completion of Instructor Deliverables (e.g. log pre + post assessment scores, final grades, attendance, staff surveys, final inventory, etc.)

The attributes you possess:

  • Collaboration: Exceptional communication skills; professionalism; excellent time management and organizational skills; timeliness and dependability; ability to have difficult conversations
  • Relationship Building: Respect for individual differences of everyone in the room; humility; patience when addressing situations; ability to listen to multiple perspectives
  • Problem Solving: Remain curious, innovate, iterate, and quickly pivot as needed; keep activities on task and think creatively in the face of unexpected events; consider multiple perspectives in all situations
  • Resilience: Approach situations with a growth mindset, adapt, and reflect to ensure desired outcome(s) are met; sense of urgency
  • Life-long Learner: Willingness to model learning and figure out content alongside scholars; open to feedback; learning from what scholars have to offer

Position requires walking, sitting, and standing day to day. Climbing stairs, running, and participation may be required during community activities. Lifting and carrying up to 10 lbs of supplies may be required.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field required; advanced degree preferred (completed or in progress)
  • Strong understanding and experience with coding languages (HTML, p5js, Javascript, CSS)
  • A minimum of two years subject area teaching experience and/or relevant STEM work experience
  • Content competency and enthusiasm for subject area required
  • Demonstrated effectiveness working with low-income youth underrepresented in diverse academic fields
  • Commitment to SMASH’s mission; willingness to embrace goals/values is essential
  • Desire to teach with technology and improve technological skills
  • Excellent classroom management and teaching skills; openness to various and/or new teaching paradigms
  • Willingness to be self-reflective and reflexive about your individual teaching philosophy and practice
  • Experience in collaboratively developing curriculum, project based learning and AP coursework preferred
  • Availability for all training dates and additional events listed below
  • Spanish fluency a plus


Application Information:

Apply for this position below. Be sure to check the location(s) of the job opening (see which sites are hiring which positions here) and training dates (program and training dates here) to confirm which SMASH sites are hiring for this position and that you can make the training dates. If applying to multiple sites, please rank your site preference in the application.

The application includes a place to upload your resume and cover letter and to provide a written response to specific prompts. This position closes on April 27, 2020 or when filled.


This is a non-exempt position. The total base compensation for this position is $4,869, which includes 6 days of training and 1 day of debrief — (returning bonus may also be available). Should the employee miss any hours or days of work, the daily and therefore total compensation will be adjusted accordingly. If your assignment ends earlier than we anticipate for any reason, your compensation may also be reduced accordingly. Please note, pay will be variable per pay period based on part-time and full-time phases of the program. These policies are subject to variation based on specific circumstances.