Audio Visual Specialist, Shared Studios- Brooklyn, NY

Summary: We are seeking a passionate and detail-oriented Audio Visual Specialist to manage deployment and support of all Shared_Studios AV technology from our headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Shared_Studios exists to create meaningful human connections between people separated by distance and difference. We bring communities together in immersive spaces called Portals to talk, dance, play, and collaborate as if in the same room. More than 75,000 people in 28 countries have entered Portals to engage with people they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to meet.
As Audio Visual Specialist, you will coordinate the preparation and deployment of AV kits to Portal sites around the world and work closely with each Portal team to maintain equipment, restock inventory, and troubleshoot issues in order to ensure consistent immersive AV experiences across all sites globally. You will also engage in research, tinkering, and experimentation to develop and implement upgrades and new technologies across Shared_Studios environments. You will report to the Director of Global Operations and work closely with our engineering, design, and operations teams.

You’re passionate about technology and innovation, excited about moving Shared_Studios’ capabilities forward, and ready to thrive in a startup culture. If you believe in the value of connecting across geographic distance and cultural differences, apply today!
You will:
  • Pro-actively prepare and deploy technology kits for short-term and/or new Portal site launches;
  • Plan and execute deployment of upgrades and new technologies to existing sites around the world;
  • Oversee all deployed AV technology, liaising with Portal sites around the world to monitor status, provide technical support, and arrange for repair/replacement as required;
  • Participate in R&D, including researching off-the-shelf components and experimenting with combinations of technology in a lab environment;
  • Develop deep expertise in camera, projector, microphone, amplifier, and speaker components and combinations in order to optimize the setup and develop/improve best practices;
  • Work closely with our software development team in the creation, testing, and deployment of AV software; and,
  • Work closely with our global operations team to support the deployment and support of technology around the world.
Ideal attributes and experience
You are:
  • An innovative problem-solver who can see the root cause of challenges and imagine possible solutions and new ways of working;
  • Able to communicate and coordinate with multiple individuals and groups across time zones, geographies, and cultures;
  • Highly organized and able to keep track of multiple projects at once; and,
  • Globally-minded, appreciative of diversity in all its forms, and passionate about the power of technology to create first-person encounters between people of all walks of life.
You have:
  • 3-6 years experience working with AV technology;
  • Experience working in high-quality experiential environments;
  • Deep technical understanding of audiovisual componentry and the cost/quality trade-offs involved;
  • A tinkerer/hobbyist mindset – you have a deep interest in rolling up your sleeves and experimenting with different technologies and combinations of components to achieve desired effects; and
  • Cross-cultural experience and/or foreign language skills (highly desirable).
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