Audio Technician, Screening Operations, Netflix- Los Angeles, CA

Summary: Netflix is driving new industry standards in the promotion of new technologies such as immersive sound, HDR, and groundbreaking display technologies.  As the creative work on Netflix Originals evolves to engage with these new standards, the demand to review content in an immersive, technically accurate, and creatively engaging environment grows.
The Screening Operations Team facilitates a variety of in-house screenings in Netflix’s screening rooms, theaters, and other technical review spaces while providing exceptional service to Netflix’s Content Creative teams and the filmmakers working on our shows. The number of such rooms that the team maintains and operates is increasing at a rapid pace with multiple new screening rooms coming online not only in Los Angeles, but also around the world in Netflix’s global offices. The team is committed to cultivating a creative environment, fostering filmmaker joy, and preserving artistic intent throughout the exhibition process.
We are looking for a screening technician with a speciality in audio to support and facilitate a variety of mix reviews.

As Part of the Screening Operations Team, You will:

  • Provide excellent client support in the theatrical screening rooms, post review lounges and the audio lab, facilitating creative reviews, mix reviews, and spotting sessions for filmmakers and Netflix executives.
  • Perform routine EQ calibration and maintenance procedures, achieving the highest level of confidence in the space to ensure correct playback experience.
  • Liaise with the post production groups and outside vendors to assist with content management.
  • Validate asset integrity where applicable on incoming media and screening material.
  • Monitor and provide feedback on screening room equipment and screening room status.

About You

  • You are experienced in the field of sound recording, sound editing, or mixing and understand current motion picture sound practices and tools.
  • You have a discerning ear and ability to assess the quality of the assets and the environment.
  • You can quickly and accurately identify faults and successfully troubleshoot in real time.
  • You have interacted with a variety of filmmakers and provided excellent service and support to facilitate a creative process. You understand their goals and expectations.
  • You’re comfortable interacting with post production sound professionals and are able to easily explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences.
  • You’re curious about cinema audio and can quickly learn and operate new technology as it pertains to cinema.
  • You are interested in learning about our various screening and review categories and are excited about projection and display technology


  • Minimum of 5 years of post production sound experience in a technical capacity, interacting with creatives and operators
  • Understanding of a variety of audio workflows and practices across different types of content
  • Mastery of sound file formats, channel configurations, signal flow and audio routing.
  • Knowledge of industry asset deliverable standards
  • Knowledge of audio distribution formats and consumer technology
  • Advanced Pro Tools proficiency
  • Knowledge of Dolby Atmos
  • A passion for movies and TV shows
  • Able to articulate subjective opinion on the qualitative elements of a mix.