Audio Production and Multitrack Recording – Evergreen State College

The Evergreen State College seeks a faculty member to teach a 4 quarter hour (0.25 FTE), Fall, Winter, Spring course in introductory audio production techniques. The course is part of the Evening/Weekend Studies (EWS) program and typically consists of 4 class hours on Wednesday evening from 6-10pm. Students work independently for additional hours in the entry level Audio Studio and the Audio Mixing Benches.

The course structure is lecture/demonstration in the studio and/or the associated 5.1 production studio and instructional space. Student interns may be available for help. Proficiency testing is done by TESC staff and guidelines are shared to assure proper training and preparation.

Activities include reading and discussion of texts, lectures, signal flows and drawings. Student projects consists of soundscapes, brief multitrack recordings, and demonstrations of studio proficiencies.

Evergreen teaching includes an emphasis on collaboration, team work, and sharing in a noncompetitive setting with a focus on individual skills building and sharing of work in seminar critique settings. Class content includes communications strategies, methods for working on shared projects, music composition using modern technology, and media. Experience working with diverse and underserved students is desirable.

This is an Adjunct Faculty position and is not eligible for continuing appointment. Salary for all positions based on experience and degrees. We do not offer relocation expenses for our visiting faculty position.


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