Audio Producer, The Washington Post- Washington, D.C.

Job Description

The Washington Post is looking for an audio producer to join our podcast team. This person will work on politics-focused audio projects and become the lead producer of our “Can He Do That?” podcast.

The ideal candidate should have a strong background in political news coverage, understand what people want to know about politics and be able to generate fresh ideas for audio storytelling. Duties will include pitching and refining story ideas, booking interviews and producing and mixing podcast episodes. The job also will require planning and executing long-form efforts, and collaborating across departments to experiment with audio delivery on new platforms.

The right candidate should have significant experience in podcast production, as well as experience cleaning and mixing sound. This person must understand how to use music and clips to help tell a story and have a command of field and studio recording. At least three years of experience in production and journalism is preferred.

Experience in one or more of these areas would be a strong asset:

  • Emerging audio platforms, such as voice technology
  • Audience development and community-building efforts
  • Sound engineering and audio equipment

Proficiency in Pro Tools is a plus but not required.

This position is based in our Washington newsroom and is not eligible for remote work.

Application Instructions

Please list all professional experience and explain any gaps in employment history.

Candidates should upload a resume and cover letter (as pdfs) to our jobs portal by June 10. Please include, as links to audio files in a pdf, at least two examples of published work you have produced, with an explanation of your role in the production. The cover letter should be addressed to Director of Audio Jessica Stahl and Managing Editor Tracy Grant.