Audio Editor / Sound Engineer, Conde Nast – New York, NY


Audio Editor / Sound Engineer

Conde Nast is extending into audio and looking for an audio editor / sound engineer of podcasts. We are seeking an experienced audio engineer to work closely with the production team to produce and create new best-in-class podcast content across multiple genres. This is a chance to join a new and growing team, and build the audio initiative at Conde Nast from the ground up.

Our top podcasts include “Broken Harts” from Glamour, “Foodcast” from Bon Appetit, “Inside the Hive” featuring Nick Bilton from Vanity Fair, “Gadget Lab” from Wired, and “The New Yorker Radio Hour” from The New Yorker.

What you’ll do:

  • Ensure the delivery of high quality audio, and audio edit for continuity, content integrity, style, consistency, and structure

  • Be responsible for overseeing recording sessions, identifying and integrating best pieces of tape, tape clean up and editing, and mixing and mastering

  • Score and sound design across a variety of shows; source music and sound or compose original content

  • Brainstorm and collaborate with the production team to develop compelling content and creative storytelling formats

  • Work closely with producers on programming needs such as planning, producing, scripting, and editing

  • Direct hosts/talent, and provide guidance, support and best practices to editorial teams and talent

  • Provide guidance, support and best practices on studio, editing software, and field recording needs

What you’ll bring:

  • A portfolio that demonstrates an ear for good audio and inventive approaches to audio storytelling, and a track record for producing successful content

  • A deep understanding of the level of engineering that is appropriate for each segment, and how to use a mix of narration, tape, ambi, music, and other audio assets to create the right emotional texture

  • Experience working with a variety of audio formats — ability to edit two-way conversations or mix more complex segments for narrative storytelling

  • Ability to manage multiple podcasts, quickly and expertly turnaround projects, and meet deadlines without compromising high production standards

  • Strong editorial judgment, attention to detail and ability to deliver a polished final product

  • Proficiency in editing and mixing skills, and strong understanding of audio tools (e.g., microphones, recorders, plugin’s for EQ, compression, denoising), technologies (e.g., ProTools, Adobe Audition), and standards (e.g., loudness)

  • Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and collaboration skills

  • A passion for podcasting, and an understanding of Conde Nast’s iconic titles and ideas on how to leverage them into the world of audio

  • Ability to score or create original sound and music (preferred)

Education and experience:

  • 3+ years experience as a podcast sound engineer

  • Technical expertise in ProTools, Adobe Audition, and Apple computers

  • Knowledge of studio and field recording equipment, as well as connection methods such as ISDN and Comrex connections

  • Experience working across a variety of genres such as culture, tech, lifestyle, and true-crime, and styles such as documentary-style, interview-style, narrative, and conversational (preferred)