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SoundChannel is a collection of on-demand, interactive e-textbooks available anytime, anywhere and for everyone. Learn about career paths in professional audio, the science of sound, how to use all of the equipment in professional studios and train your ears with audio comparisons.

Career Corner

How To Break Into the Audio Industry

Tips for becoming a successful audio professional. Learn about career paths, successful women/Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) professionals and pick up best practices on how to present yourself to a potential employer.

Online workshops:

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Sound Essentials Series

This is a collection of interactive textbooks, “How-To” videos, listening examples, audio comparisons, studio tours, and more! The Sound Essential series is used in introductory audio production courses in colleges across the country. We recommend using headphones with these modules.\

How-To Videos

Cable Wrapping

Learn how the pros wrap cables so that cables don’t tangle. Increases the cable’s life span and makes you more efficient when cabling up!



Microphone Pickup Patterns

This video demonstrates the different pickup (polar) patterns and the importance of choosing the proper pattern.