Where is WAM located?

Women's Audio Mission has MOVED!
We are now located in the heart of San Francisco, Central Market SoMa District, California.
Our address is:
542-544 Natoma Street, #C-1
San Francisco, CA 94103

We are very close to Civic Center BART/Muni station (1.5 blocks) and the 5th & Mission Parking Garage (2 blocks).

I don't live near WAM should I still become a member?

Here's why:

We webcast all of our member meetings and events which include a ton of free training.

Access our job board.

Network with over 850 women from around the world - search our member directory to find women to network with in your area.

30% or more discounts on WAM training and SoundChannel training subscriptions at www.soundchannel.org.

Free magazine subscriptions.

Access to major conventions such as AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention.

Discounts on gear, textbooks, publications.

EMPLOYERS: how do I post a job on the WAM job board?

Please e-mail the position description and the contact information to: jobs AT womensaudiomission.org or use the contact form on this website with "job for job board" in the subject.

Who can become a member of WAM?

Women’s Audio Mission membership is for anyone who is woman-identified (transgender or cisgender). Though our work centers on the advancement of women in audio and music production, our membership and programs are open to non-binary and gender non-conforming folks as well.

We also offer many events and workshops that include our male allies.

I want to form a chapter of WAM in my area, can you help me?

Unfortunately, WAM's 501c3 non-profit status and legal structure prevents the formation of formal chapters outside of our headquarters. WAM is more than happy to help support an informal WAM meet-up group in your area that could participate in our webcast member meetings. If you have some traction and have 10 or more women meeting regularly in your area, WAM would gladly advertise your events via our social networking channels and on our website as well as send out a packet of materials. However, groups cannot use the Women's Audio Mission name or offer training or events under the Women's Audio Mission name without written consent from the Board of Directors of Women's Audio Mission. This is necessary so that WAM can make sure that all of the activities we offer fall under our tax exempt purposes, are in line with our mission statement and allow us to maintain our high standards of education and events.

WAM also feels that with the current state of online technology, we are much more able to serve non-local members via our online programming. We hold regular webcast member meetings, free online events, and offer excellent online audio training through SoundChannel.org (www.soundchannel.org), a series of detailed animated and narrated educational modules. SoundChannel can be accessed anywhere and anytime via the internet, allowing us to reach more women globally.

Can I teach a class at WAM?

We are happy to hear that you want to share you enthusiasm for audio with others. Keep in mind that WAM has very high standards and is on the forefront of college-level audio education with the innovative materials offered on SoundChannel (www.soundchannel.org) which have been adopted by schools and universities all over the country. Our guest lecturers are typically college professors, GRAMMY-winning producers and recording engineers, professional musicians, and experts from manufacturers. If you are one of the above and want to donate your time as a guest lecturer please contact us!

I would like to interview Terri/someone at WAM for my student project or thesis.

We are happy to hear of your interest in advancing women in audio. Unfortunately, we are inundated with requests for help on student projects and are just not able to accommodate them all. There are a large number of interviews with WAM in our Press Section (https://womensaudiomission.org/about/newsroom/) that express the statistics and views of WAM and would be useful for these projects. We also post a vast amount of information on our Facebook and Twitter sites. Press interviews can be arranged by contacting WAM at info AT womensaudiomission.org or by using the Contact Page (https://womensaudiomission.org/get-involved/contact/).

Can I be an intern at WAM's awesome recording studio?

Check out WAM's internship program: www.womensaudiomission.org/trainings/wam-studio-intern/

Can I stop by or schedule a tour of the recording studio?

Unfortunately the WAM studio cannot accommodate drop-in visits. The facility is usually booked solid with client recording sessions or classes which cannot be interrupted. We do offer monthly member meetings where we provide a tour of the facility and a chance to interact with WAM's staff.

I registered for a class and I need to cancel. What happens?

Please read our cancellation policy.

Can I apply for Local Sirens and/or a WAM recording residency?

Yes! We would love for you to apply to be considered for Local Sirens and/or a recording residency at our San Francisco studio.
Please apply at forms.gle/QuNTA8fJXzm2MUzL9