Pro Tools Basics


Pro Tools is the industry standard for audio engineers. In this class taught by WAM Lead Studio Engineer Mary Ann Zahorsky, students will learn the fundamentals of Pro Tools, common workflows, and essential tools for recording, editing and mixing. Participants must have a version of Pro Tools to work from, and all classes will be held virtually over zoom. 

Prerequisite – prior experience with Pro Tools, plus have Pro Tools version 12 or later, computer, audio interface, headphones, mic, internet access.

Check back for future dates.

About the Instructor:

Mary Ann Zahorsky is an engineer/producer with over 25 years experience in the recording industry. She has worked on projects ranging from Howard Wiley’s 2nd Line, Afro-Cuban jazz, Whitney Houston, and MC Hammer, to soundtracks for independent films and TV post work on ad campaigns such as Levi’s and Taco Bell. Within the Recording Academy leadership, Mary Ann served on the National Board of Trustees and led the San Francisco Board as Chapter President. As an educator, Mary Ann has taught studio recording, production, entertainment business and audio post production at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Expression College and at San Francisco State University. She especially enjoys working with emerging artists and engineers and the energy they bring to the evolving field of music. Mary Ann also grew up playing classical violin and for many years has participated in Traditional Mexican Son and classical African music ensembles. She holds a BA Music from University of California, Berkeley, and a Masters in Education from University of San Francisco.