Composing for TV, Advertising, & Film

Are you a musician looking to explore composition for picture? Are you interested in composing music that has the potential to be synced for picture by major television networks or film studios? WAM’s Composition for TV, Film, & Advertising is the class for you!

This class, sponsored by ESPN, will cover a basic toolkit for composing and mixing for commercial and film media. You’ll hear from guest speakers in the industry whose music has been placed in television, ads and film or are part of a composer team, as well as industry professionals from ESPN and music licensing and publishing companies. We will discuss the various job and career opportunities in composing beyond commercial work, and will deep dive into the life of a freelance music creative and what “work for hire” means. You’ll also have the rare opportunity to share your work and receive feedback from industry professionals and decision-makers at ESPN.

This class will meet 20 times – 10 classes and 10 working labs from March 15, 2022 – May 18, 2022.

Classes will be held on Tuesday nights from 5:30-7:30pm PST, and lab/work time will be held on the following Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30pm PST.